The Productizers is a product management consulting company

Practical solutions for clear product management

We love exceptional products and have a passion for figuring out how to turn a nice idea into a good product and take a product from being good and turn it into something great. We have over two decades of experience in managing products from design to delivery as well as revitalising struggling products.

Our Services

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When you have a product and it does not perform like you wish and you need help in making a turn around


When you have an idea or technology but need help taking the steps toward making a product


When you don’t have the right experienced product development people in-house and need some extra help

Product development staff

For companies with well-established product management who are looking to strengthen their team with experienced product management professionals we also provide experienced product development staff. Our team consists of a good mix of senior and experienced professionals to fit your staffing needs.

Some of our professionals include:

  • Connector.

    Product manager

  • Connector.

    Project manager

  • Connector.

    User Experience Designer

  • Connector.

    Software development manager