Telefonica Gait Collector Application For Movement Authentication Study, Available To End Users.

Steven Winnen ReCRED

One of our ReCRED partners, Telefonica, has been working on a interesting take on behavioral authentication. Did you know that the way you walk is very specific and when combined with other authentication factors can contribute to a higher level of confidence that you are who you say you are without the having to rely on that pesky password?

We would like to invite you to the user study  “Movement Authentication” on how to authenticate users by the way they move. If you have a mobile phone with Android and you carry it always with you, you are the person we are looking for!

By participating to this user study you can:

  • Contribute to scientific research
  • Enter a raffle for a 200€ gift card

Register by downloading and installing our app from this link:

For more information please visit Telefonica’s website:
The study will give valuable input for the developement of the Behavioral Authentication mechanism that will be used in the ReCRED project.

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