Telefonica Gait Collector Application For Movement Authentication Study, Available To End Users.

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One of our ReCRED partners, Telefonica, has been working on a interesting take on behavioral authentication. Did you know that the way you walk is very specific and when combined with other authentication factors can contribute to a higher level of confidence that you are who you say you are without the having to rely on that pesky password? We would like …

Lessons Learned in Growing a Product

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From the moment your beta app lands on Product Hunt you’ll ask yourself what way it should grow. Should we add more features on more platforms, or better features on one platform? Should we capture the complete user’s workflow, or excel at just one piece?… Read more The post Lessons Learned in Growing a Product appeared first on Inside Intercom.

Word of Mouth

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  Word of mouth is the first traffic source. You can’t put a price on its value, and it sure as hell isn’t free. You’ll only get word of mouth when the same words come out of lots of different mouths. The image above shows the… Read more The post Word of Mouth appeared first on Inside Intercom.

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ReCRED: A Horizon 2020 European Project

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The objective of the ReCRED project is to design and implement mechanisms that anchor all access control (AC) needs to mobile devices that users habitually use and carry. It aims to build integrated next generation access control (AC) solution that satisfies the following properties: – It solves the following problems that stem from the weaknesses of the current authentication methods, …